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Water conservation and water quality:

understanding the impacts of new technologies and new operational strategies

USEPA Grant No. R836880


The project will combine literature information with novel experimental results to develop and validate predictive models of the risk of failing to meet water quality goals for premise plumbing. The models will be encoded in a web-based decision support tool usable by facilities managers and utility personnel to identify high risk conditions for premise plumbing water quality and potential remedial actions.


After a literature review experimental levels and factors will be finalized. The large number of factors of interest and expense of experiments dictates the use of a fractionalized experimental design with quasirandom sampling used to identify specific experimental conditions. Logistic and continuous outcome regression models will be used to develop risk models.

Expected Results:

The project will produce a database of premise plumbing conditions (water age, disinfectant type and concentration, flow rates, etc.) and concentrations of opportunistic pathogens, disinfection byproducts, and lead. The database will inform the development of statistical models of water quality that will form the computational engine of a web-based decision support tool for managing water quality in premise plumbing.

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